Audiobookshelf is a self-hosted audiobook server for managing and playing your audiobooks.
revealJS presentations hosted on algebrist
Methuselan Thucydides
Auto Shared Files
Direct link to folder which small shareToWeb script linkes files to so that the user does not have to go through the hassle of clicking through links.
A store of random files on my server. The descriptions are auto generated by GPT-4 and it is hosted using DokuWiki.
File Search
A blazing fast and auto-indexed search of the entirety of algebrist's files. Including embeddings for images, audio, and images.
Is It Up
It is a self-hosted monitoring tool like "Uptime Robot".
grocy is a web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.
A self hosted project management board with my astronomy projects hosted
Plex media server allows you to aggregate all your personal media and access it anywhere you go. Enjoy your own content on all your devices with Plex.
I, Librarian
I, Librarian is an online service that will organize your collection of PDF papers and office documents. It provides a lot of extra features for students and research groups both in industry and academia. It is a reference manager, PDF manager and organizer focused on private group collaboration.
Open source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.
Queer Beagle Wiki
MediaWiki is a collaboration and documentation platform brought to you by a vibrant community.
Mealie is a self hosted recipe manager and meal planner with a RestAPI backend and a reactive frontend application built in Vue for a pleasant user experience for the whole family. Easily add recipes into your database by providing the url and mealie will automatically import the relevant data or add a family recipe with the UI editor.
Transmission is a BitTorrent client which features a variety of user interfaces on top of a cross-platform back-end.
Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file share and communication platform. Access and sync your files, contacts, calendars and communicate and collaborate across your devices.
Simple HTTP File server
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